If you are wondering how to deliver better customer service, faster and more profitably you are in the right place mama. I’m dedicating the next few weeks to demystifying the concept of “client service” and bringing you allllll the tips, tricks and shortcuts. 


What is client service? It’s simple – it’s just a fancier way of saying customer service. The key to 5 star client service is also simple.


It’s in establishing systems.


This week, I want to talk about two calls you’ll have with your clients that, believe it or not, impact your client service in a big way.


Any guesses what they are? 🤔

The answer? Your sales call & your onboarding call 🤯


Say whaaaaaat? Hear me out.


Let’s start with your sales call.


Justine, what does sales have to do with client service?” you ask…


During your sales call, you’re collecting all kinds of information. Information that you will use to do an outstanding job for your client and to train your team members. The sales call isn’t about you my friend, it’s about your client. And the more questions you ask during the call, the better off you will be when you start the work. Leave no stone unturned – dig deep and be curious. Ask all the questions – things like:  


“When was the business started?”

“What do you sell?”

“How do you collect money from clients?”

“What’s your biggest struggle in bookkeeping?”

“Do you have a CPA?”

“Do you have any unresolved tax issues?” 


I like to call this process “information hunting and gathering.” It’s the first step in a series of calls that you will use to gather everything you need to know about this new client and plan how you will execute the work. 


Now to the onboarding call…


The onboarding call is an extension of that hunting-gathering process – it’s time to get all the info you need to effectively do exactly what your client has asked of you (which should be outlined in your engagement letter!). 


So what can you do to make the most of your onboarding call? Ask more questions! 


“Who are your team members or employees?”
“How much and how often are they paid?”
“What key relationships do you have with vendors or customers?”


Oh and don’t forget, now’s the time to gain online access to their bank accounts! Because if you want to offer your new client the best service experience possible, having online access is an absolute MUST. 


Just to recap, client service starts with the sales call and continues through the onboarding process and beyond. 🚀 


Next week I’ll show you how to take the information you gathered during these calls and implement it into your firm’s workflows!


To skyrocketing your success,



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