When it comes to my real live children, I obviously can’t pick favorites. 

But between all my brainchildren? There’s no competition — Systems is #1!

Why? Because systems are absolutely vital to growing your virtual bookkeeping business.

In my Bookkeeper’s Business Incubator we focus on the 4 S’s:





And here is the honest truth – if you choose to focus on every other “S” (Sales, Service, and Skills) but don’t solidify your Systems, you’re doing yourself an incredible disservice. Growing and successfully running a bookkeeping business is dependent on how effectively you can scale. And scaling, without losing your mind, depends solely on your Systems.

Without Systems, your business can quickly become a burden, and you can find yourself drowning in client work unable to get ahead. Burnout, snippy with your kids and partner, sluggish, tired and feeling out of control.

Gosh I remember those feelings so well!!!! And I don’t miss them. 

What I learned is that in the worst-case scenario, a lack of systems can lead to a less-than-stellar client experience. In other words? Neglecting your systems can cost you high-paying clients and, ultimately, money in the bank.

Noooo ma’am that is not okay. Not today. Not tomorrow either. 

I know this can be a hard pill to swallow….but…..

YES you should take time away from client work now to implement systems. I know it means less money in the bank today, but in the long run it will lead to more efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, repeat sales, and higher profits. 

👷🏽‍♀️Work pays the bills.

💵 But systems will help your business grow

Think about it this way:

🚧 Is it better to build a house on a solid foundation of concrete or gravel? Which will hold up over time as your house grows bigger? The concrete — right? 

Having a rock-solid foundation is what will help you deliver a five-star client experience and help new contractors or employees seamlessly integrate into your business.

What happens when your client list grows rapidly, but you don’t have any organizational, or workflow, systems in place? 

Things get missed, and your level of service slips. As a result, clients are less inclined to refer you to others, or (worse yet) they leave.

And what happens when you bring on a new team member or contractor but don’t have any written processes or training methods in place?

The work environment you’ve created is frustrating for both you and your new team members. They’re lacking the training materials and workflows to effectively do their job, and you’re spending too much time holding their hand.

So, Justine what is your Biggest Tip for Implementing Sexy Systems

You are not gonna want to hear this but…

You need a system for your systems. 

🤔 Justine, what in high heavens do you mean? 

I mean you can set up alllllllll the systems in the world, but unless your systems actually have a system it won’t matter. Unless you are organized, unless you can find that template, that agreement, that handbook, that workflow all’s you have is a digital clutter, you don’t have a system my friend. 

If you feel like you are struggling with systems, you are not alone. When I recently surveyed our bookkeepers community over half of you said this is where you are struggling the most – systems! 

But don’t worry friend, I have you covered. In my incubator and mentorship program I teach my students exactly how to build a systems library and knowledge bank. And I decided to teach a mini-masterclass JUST on this very (important-can’t-be-missed) topic because you told me you needed it. 

I cannot emphasize enough how mission-critical Systems are to running a highly profitable bookkeeping business. It’s time to get some radical results, come join me! 

Doing the systems shimmy, 


P.S. Grab your spot to my systems class now girl – it’s almost full!