Learn the sales Secrets that helped me scale from a five-figure freelancer to seven figure founder!

with yours truly EXPERT BOOKKEEPING COACH – Justine Lackey.

Nice to meet you.

I’m Justine – mom of 3, 20+ Year Accounting Industry Pro • Founder of Good Cents Management, an industry-renowned bookkeeping firm.

I also love sales. LOVE them. 

So if you are ready to fly from a freelancer to founder here’s your personal invitation to learn the sales secrets that helped me scale my firm to a million in revenue.

Let me tell you EXACTLY who I developed this sales training for…

It’s for the bookkeepers out there, whether they’re riding solo or building their empire one employee at a time who are ambitious, craving change, ready to learn, and most of all: want to scale their bookkeeping business WITH EASE.
This masterclass is designed to help stressed out mama bookkeepers put more money in their pockets and more free time in their calendar, focusing on the sales principles that have helped me build an incredibly prosperous business.

There is only one path to growth, my friend.

And that is sales.
This training is part of that path.
When you unlock this masterclass you will gain access to all the little gems I developed over the years to NAIL my sales process and land higher-paying clients.

This training includes:


Two-part video series


Swipe files + checklists I use in my sales process


Proprietary sales tools I have developed to scale my firm

“Justine – I have to say this…you are by far the best teacher and communicator I have come across. Your messages are relatable, clear, and yet still with that Justine pizzazz only you can present. I absolutely love your teachings and advice!”


The training is exactly what I need to help give me direction for sales in my business. The format and assignments helped keep me focused. I’m already implementing what I have learned – Justine is my spirit animal! Thanks for an amazing course!

– Neressia

I spent nearly two decades mastering these skills, and you – my friend – get to learn them in two, hyper-focused video trainings.

By the time our time together is done, you are going to be able to sell water to a whale!
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