We’re smack dab in the middle of 🍂 spooky season 🍂 (sidenote: I am LIVING for this fall weather), so let’s talk about the #1 fear that so many bookkeepers have.


No, I’m not talking about ghosts, vampires, or things that go bump in the night.

What is the fear that bookkeepers really have? 

  • Not being keeping up with their client commitments
  • Making a mistake
  • Generally doing a poor job  


In short, the lack of having streamlined systems is a big fear. In fact, over 80% of my recently polled students said this is the biggest problem they face. 


So that leads us right into my next series…how to master client services. 


In this series I am going to give you straight up, actionable tips to improve your business and teach you how to deliver a 5-star client experience. 


Let’s dive in first with defining “client service.”


Guess what? Client service…. Customer service… it’s the same thing. But since this isn’t a Bed, Bath, & Beyond (speaking of spooky, RIP 🪦) and your relationship with clients isn’t transactional, think of it as customer service but 10x’d. 


So the question is… how do you deliver exceptional client service while scaling your business, not drowning in overwhelm, and not working a gazillion hours?


Read on, my friend. 


A loooong time ago, I read a book (I know, big shocker right? 🤣), and it was one of those ultra-popular entrepreneur books. The main takeaway was business owners should learn how to be McDonald’s. 




Let me put it this way, you can walk into any Micky D’s in the country and receive the same. exact. burger. at any location. Mcdonald’s is the OG  in establishing systems and replicating them on a massive scale. 🍔


But tbh, this book annoyed me. So much that I confess I didn’t finish it. 🙈


“I can’t do that. I can’t build a system to replicate my services because every bookkeeping client is different,” whined a young, naive, and down-right-stubborn Justine.


I was being a spoiled brat, I’ll admit it. I thought I knew better than this book, and eventually, I paid a price for my arrogance because it took me a very long time to master systems in my firm. 


What I learned is I wasn’t exactly wrong…each client does have their own “financial ecosystem” (I coined that term – do you like it?). 


Buuuuut you can ABSOLUTELY systemize MANY aspects of your business including:

👉 The information you gather from each client

👉 The onboarding process

👉 How to schedule and complete client work

👉 Client reporting 


The only difference between establishing systems as bookkeepers and making a hamburger? Each client is unique, which means the process will differ slightly, but the results should always be the same: a clean, accurate set of promptly completed books. 


Over the next few weeks, I’m going to teach you how to build your Mcdonald’s and deliver an exceptional, repeatable, and a scalable 5-star client experience.


Cheers to you scream queen 👑,


P.S. Want to know more about systems? Join me live October 23-26 at 3 PM EST to talk shop about all things systems. I am going to cover a LOT – Sales & Marketing, Operations, HR and…..of course Client Services! Be sure to mark your calendar and add this link.