Ready to Master Tax Time Year After Year?

Reduce Stress (By A LOT) & Keep Happy Clients Coming Back

Meet your one-stop shop for every tax time skill, system, and workflow you need to tackle tax season like the absolute pro you are.

Let’s Talk About You.

You’re a bookkeeper, and you’re great at what you do.

You’ve snagged a few happy clients, or maybe a few dozen. 

But come tax time, things get a little crazy.

You have kids at home (helloooo snow days and sick days), a regular workload, family obligations, errands, kid chauffeuring, chores — and now, on top of it all, grrrrrr tax time.

But you? You’re different…

While you might have dealt with the stress of tax season a time or two, you know something’s gotta give.

You believe in the power of working smarter, not harder. 

When there’s an opportunity to kick tax time in the you-know-what, you don’t just take it. You grab it, hold it tight, and never let it go. You’re a go getter, better yet? You? You’re a goal getter.

I’ll Let You in on a Secret:
You Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel to Get Better at Tax Time

Why is it that so many bookkeepers know tax time is coming, yet they still procrastinate, ignore the impending chaos, and tell themselves it’ll be different this time? 

It’s not because they’re incapable of change or don’t have the skills to be awesome, profit-building bookkeepers.

It’s because they know they need to change the way things are done but they don’t know where to (or they are too overwhelmed) to start.

Maybe you can relate…

So many bookkeepers I know have too.many.client.things.to.do – they can’t possibly take the time to focus on themselves, their structures and their businesses when they have so many other people to care for, right? Sound familiar?

I get it!

I know how this feels.

How? Because I’ve been there, oh boy have I been there. And eventually, I reached my breaking point with the stress of tax season. I put my foot down, looked her straight in the eyes and I said “NO MORE.”

And you know what came from it?

I developed a system that my team could use to keep tax time top-of-mind every. single. month.

So while you’re a smart, savvy bookkeeper and business owner who KNOWS tax time doesn’t have to be this stressful, you may be struggling with the how.

HOW do you actually set up systems that are easy to follow, make you more profitable, and help you manage stress?

Enter my Tax Time Training

This super simple system is designed to help bookkeepers like you break the vicious cycle by implementing (MAJOR) stress-reducing workflows to make tax time a total breeze.

How Do Other Bookkeepers Feel About This Program?

All students who attended my live Tax Time Training said they felt MORE prepared going into tax season this year. Did ya hear that? All of my students. Every last one. 

In fact, on a scale of 1-10, they gave it a 15 (not kidding).

“Totally built my confidence in myself and in my processes! With the resources you’ve provided, I now feel like I know what I’m doing.”

– Natasha

“But Justine, How Do I Know if This Is Something I Need?”

Great question! This Tax Time Training is built for bookkeepers who…


Are solopreneurs, freelancers, or managing a small team


Know there is a better way to do things, but don’t have time to figure them out


Understand that efficiency is directly tied to profit - and are ready to make more money


Have ever felt stressed out, defeated or down right bone tire during tax time (be honest, we’ve all been there)

Whether this is your 1st tax season or your 10th, if you feel even an ounce of added stress — this training is for you, my friend.

Let’s Face It, Taxes Are Complicated

Even if you’re an experienced bookkeeper with many tax seasons under your belt, bookkeeping – and getting your clients ready for tax time – can be complicated. And that makes it easy to miss something, am I right?

Year after year, most bookkeepers struggle to cross their t’s and dot their i’s, but some things inevitably slip through the cracks. Without a system in place, it’s bound to happen.

Here’s the problem:

Bookkeeping requires precision and accuracy, it’s what our clients come to us for, after all. That means a missing form or missed deadline could impact the client experience and, ultimately, cause them to leave.

Losing a client because of a tax time mistake is something I NEVER want you to experience. You work hard to get your clients, you have to make sure you keep them.

That’s why implementing systems, checklists, and workflows is crucial. These create built-in guardrails to ensure you double- and triple-check your work throughout the year, instead of just hoping that everything turns out all right.

“You’ve helped me grow my business from the inside! I’ve solidified my systems & feel more confident in myself!”


Here’s Everything You’ll Learn in This Tax Time Training

Let me be clear: this isn’t just a watch-it-once-and-forget-everything webinar.

This is a full tax time system that includes the actual documents and processes my team uses to get 90% of our clients’ books closed, tied out, and shipped to their accountants by February 15 every year.

Here’s what’s included:


Video trainings complete with supplemental materials


Step-by-step guidance through my exact tax time processes


Interactive workbook


Email templates


End-of-year (EOY) dashboard and checklists


Incentive plan for team members (this is a GREAT tool if you have a team!)

From methodically working through 1099 prep to populating a tax package for your clients, I’m not exaggerating when I tell you this Tax Time Training has EVERYTHING you need to conquer tax season.

3… 2… 1… GO!

Want to reduce stress and retain happy clients? Then you must hone your tax skills to a sharp point and implement easy, manageable systems all year long. And I am here for you!

Unlock your Tax Time Training now

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