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It’s happened to all of us…

Your snazzy prospective client says, “My books are perfectly organized and up to date, I just need someone to take over.” 

Cut to: 

😲  Backlogged books

😲  A disastrous QuickBooks file

😲  3 more accounts that they forgot to mention that aren’t reconciled.. 

And suddenly, you have a headache. 🤕

Now you have SO much extra work on your plate before you even get started (and you’re not getting paid for it because you didn’t find this out until after contracts were signed!). 

Enter: My QuickBooks Online Assessment Tool. 

I use this tool to provide prospective clients with a free (yes, free) assessment of their QuickBooks File to:

A) Protect my money and my time, and get really clear on what is being asked of me. 

B) Build rapport and trust with new prospects. This tool will give your potential client great information, and help you forge a strong bond with them from the start (and – ahem – that helps you close sales!)

And 100+ clients later, I’d say it’s worked out pretty well!

Want to use it yourself?

Download a FREE copy of my QuickBooks Online Assessment Tool today!

Impress your prospects (and protect your time!)

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