How to Get Happier Clients + a Happier You

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There is a secret sauce when it comes to running a bookkeeping business.

(Well, there are a few to be fair.. but after 20+ years, this is one of my favorites)

… It’s your special ingredient to HAPPIER CLIENTS, and a HAPPIER YOU: a polished onboarding process.

A smooth onboarding process sets a precedent of professionalism that will wow your new clients and start your relationships off on the right foot (and you’ll get the info you need without having to chase your clients via email/text/voxer, etc).

It’s absolutely necessary that you nail it! 

There are a few essential steps every bookkeeper should know that will guarantee a memorable, polished onboarding experience.

Download my FREE Onboarding Checklist now.

Your shiny new onboarding process awaits…

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