What if you could achieve next-level organization in your business?

The type of organization that allows you to finally feel in control of your workload and time?

If you long to take your bookkeeping biz to the next level…yet struggle with inefficient processes that hold you back from the growth you crave…

Well, let me introduce you to Organize my friend.

Organize is a streamlined system created by another busy bookkeeping mama who’s been where you are – MOI! This is my step-by-step approach that will help you create order from the digital chaos that comes with running a bookkeeping business. If you have been drowning in documents, and so caught up with client work you just don’t have the time – or the energy – to set up systems to SCALE well…..

Organize is your dream come true.

It’s your shortcut baby. 

Your fast track.

Your “OMG where has this thing been all of my life.”

If you are new around here, let me introduce myself.

I am Justine, a bookkeeping pro of 25 years. Just a mom of 3, living in the ‘burbs of NYC who grew her business from little old me, to an incredibly profitable, bookkeeping empire that I *SOLD* in February of 2023 with wild, wild success. And now I am semi-retired and I haven’t even hit the big 5-ohhhh yet. 

Wherever you are in your business journey – I have literally been there, done that. So I am going to take a guess here….

You are a rock-star bookkeeper and you want to delight your clients. Your goal is to efficiently manage your workload, and build a hella profitable company without stressing out and constantly hustling.

I remember….because that was me too!

It wasn’t long ago that I was working incredibly hard (and I was a single mom). I would spend precious time digging through endless files and emails, wasting hours searching for stuff, all because I lacked efficiency and didn’t have structure or systems. It was frustrating, and sometimes downright defeating (like I wanna cry defeating. Wait, I actually did cry. A lot.) I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t get organized enough to scale and I often felt too stressed to take on new clients.

Sound familiar?


Sound familiar?

Maybe you feel you’ve tried lots of ways to hurdle this roadblock, and end client chaos, but you seem stuck in a frustrating cycle of overwhelm (and working longer hours just to tread water!).

But breathe and……

Imagine something different – a simple system to eliminate all those roadblocks overnight and teach you the organization you need to achieve your biggest goals. You probably have tried a bunch of things, but still feel like you are stuck.

Maybe you…

Download PDFs but become overwhelmed by duplicate files scattered everywhere.

You try an Excel sheet to stay organized but….well you can’t find the time to update it. Heck you might not even be able to FIND the spreadsheet.

Try different digital folder methods but find yourself scrolling endlessly to find what you need.

Know you need help, but you are terrified to hire a team without systems in place (and your losing clients because your customer service is suffering)

What’s worse is… if you don’t get this situation under control now, you’ll continue:

Missing deadlines and risk having unhappy clients due to disorganization

Hitting a frustrating ceiling with your business that prevents that growth you crave

Struggling to maintain quality as your workload skyrockets

Feel too stressed and scattered to properly train new hires



Finding any client document instantly within 2-3 clicks


Saving hours per week that used to vanish into digital chaos


Breathing easy knowing your clients records are comprehensive AND flawless

Before you know it…


You’ll have the space to efficiently onboarded premium clients


Scale your team so you can shift from worker bee to Queen Leader Bee


Your business can be more efficient, more profitable while you work less

I know you can do this, because I did it too.


Once I figured out how to efficiently manage clients without drowning in documents, everything changed. 

I was able to feel calm, instead of constant stress, which meant I could start to shift deeply into the role of leader. With flawless systems supporting me, I created the team – and business – of my dreams. 

The systems I built helped me stop working 40+ hour work weeks, allowed me to take a two month sabbatical in 2021, start working part time, and then eventually sell my firm in 2023 after being COURTED by nearly 30 buyers. 

I want this same sense of freedom and abundance for you too. No more overwhelm or uncertainty – just smooth sailing as you scale to incredible heights. 

Through Organize, I’ll reveal the exact blueprint for my transformation. Say goodbye to good intentions but poor execution and hello to organized operations and booming success!



Organize Training Video

Watch over my shoulder as I unveil this gold-standard framework for keeping your digital documents flawlessly organized. I know you’re busy, and I want you to create RADICAL RESULTS fast. I intentionally made Organize short, punchy and to the point. Just a single short video and about 2 hours of your time from learning the method to implementation. 

Organize Guide

This handy manual is your digital assistant who will help you get, and stay Organized. Learn how to efficiently gather client documents so you have all the info needed to get their financial records in order. I will also teach you how to create a hierarchy of client folders, with the proper file naming formats so you can quickly find & access any document, at any time. 

Digital Filing Mastery

Master the art of paperless perfection! I will teach you to create a digital archive for each of your clients. Not only is this method going to bring you peace of mind, it’s part of your sales pitch and value add to your clients. You’ll learn how to create an archive of financial documents your clients can keep forever – this is incredibly useful if they ever find themselves in audit hell. 

Monthly Rituals Simplified  

My customized checklists will help you put repetitive tasks on autopilot. Everyone in the entrepreneurial world tells you to “build systems” but they don’t tell you HOW to build this system. In Organize you are going to learn the system and then implement it! 

When efficiency becomes second nature,
success follows seamlessly trust me! 

Ready to get organized? Let’s dive in.

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