Retroactive Project Guideline

Flawlessly execute your next clean-up project…

Download my Clean-up Project Plan & Timeline

Retroactive Project Guideline

What if you could double the revenue you make on your next clean-up project?

Clean-up projects present a unique opportunity to not only help a client finally achieve some peace around their books… but they are also a chance for you to DOUBLE (or more) your revenue from your client. 


Because when you positively nail your clean-up project, you show your client why they can’t live without you! After you execute a clean-up project with perfection, it’s the IDEAL opportunity to pitch your client with ongoing services.

My firm specializes in untangling bookkeeping messes – our biggest project to date including 4 years of backed-up bookkeeping, with 16 BANK ACCOUNTS, in TWO different countries.

And how’d we do it? By getting organized, perfecting our process, and knocking it out of the park every time using our Clean-Up Project Plan & Timeline.

Create long-term fans with your next clean-up project…

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