We’ve all heard the saying, “Slow and steady wins the race.” 

Yes, the hare hits the ground running, zooming past the turtle, with all the confidence in the world that he’ll cross the finish line first. But when the hare, being cocky, stops to take a nap, it’s the tortoise that maintains a slow and steady pace to finish first and win the race. 🐢🏁

I know, I know. My name’s Justine, not Aesop. So why am I retelling you this fable?

Because let’s be real here… nobody really likes being the tortoise in the beginning. 

You’re a new business owner. Your time and energy are focused on the things that make you $$$ fast (ahem, client work). 

You’re less slow and steady and more fast and furious. The more clients you take on at a time, the more money you’re making. Why would you ever want to say “no” to more money for your business?!?

Here’s why the tortoise is on to something

Soooo… you’re not going to like this next part, but you need to hear it.

In order to speed things up, you must first slow down.

That’s right, I have the AUDACITY to tell a hardworking bookkeeper like you to pump the brakes and PAUSE.


Because one of the pillars of my Bookkeeper’s Business Incubator program is Systems, and it’s my absolute favorite for a REASON.

Slowing down to implement solid systems in your new business will keep you from…

😳 Spinning your wheels

😳 Pulling out your hair

😳 And feeling all sort of out of control

Needless to say, these are all things I have done and experienced, and I hope you never have to. 

Use this time to build solid systems

There is truly no better time to create solid systems within your business than when you’re still relatively new. Right now, your client list is manageable, and you either have a small team or are looking to build one.

You can take the time needed to pause and put structures into place that will make scaling your firm smooth sailing in the future. ⛵. If you already have momentum you mighttttttt be feeling like you are on a runaway bus – been there too – you need systems ASAPPPPPP. 

Think of it this way:

Your business is like a snowball rolling down the mountain. ⛰️

The earlier you try to catch the snowball, the easier it’ll be. Wait until it gets bigger and bigger, faster and faster, and there’s no way you’re going to stop that thing in its tracks (not without losing a limb at least). 

Same goes for your bookkeeping business! While it’s tempting to devote all your time to growing your client list and making more $$$ right now, this is also your chance to establish systems that’ll help you scale effectively later down the line.

Bottom line? Scaling effectively requires solid systems

I will say it loud and proud — I 💗 LOVE 💗 SYSTEMS 💗

And you know what? Systems have been very, very good to me. They’re a huge reason why I was able to steadily grow my business, build an incredible team of employees and contractors, take on more clients, and put more money in the bank. 💸

To all my tortoises,


P.S. The waitlist for my Bookkeeper’s Business Incubator program is always open. If you’d like a more in-depth look at establishing solid systems for growing your profits, I highly recommend joining!