“No one will ever care about my business as much as I do.”

Does this sound familiar? 

I used to tell myself this all the time – and other things like “No one will ever want to work for me, it’s just me – my company is so small.” 

But I learned that fear is a tricky b**ch.

Because those statements?

They were entirely untrue. It was just my fear talking. And my lack of confidence. 

When I was in the earlier stages of my business, these beliefs made delegating hard (and honestly, I still struggle with delegating from time-to-time). 

I mean, when I was overwhelmed, hiring new bookkeepers felt good in theory… but soon new challenges popped up…

  • Like the employee who tried to poach my clients?
  • Or when one of them was inflating hours (grrrrr!)
  • Or taking on training someone while also getting client work done (OMG the pressure could be intense!).

Suddenly, fears I had about hiring became compounded by new fears or worries that developed as my team started to grow. 


You can win by checking your fears, and making sure YOU aren’t the roadblock to YOUR OWN SUCCESS. 

You have to swap the negative self-talk (“I can’t hire someone, this is too hard, no one will do the work like I can”) with a mindset that will SERVE you. 

INSTEAD I offer you thoughts like – 

  • “I need to expand and grow – WOW I am so lucky I can do this” 
  • “I CAN/AM a good leader” 
  • “Good people are essential to my biz’s overall success – Imma gonna find them, hire them, train them, pay them AND retain them”

And above all, we need to learn to trust the people we hire – even if something goes wrong, all we can do is learn from it.

No one is perfect.
Not your employees.
Not you. 

Not me (says the recovering perfectionist).

We can’t let people shine unless we really, truly learn to let go. We also can’t be our biggest, boldest selves without truly learning to let go and TRUST. 

I’m gonna talk more about hiring in my upcoming free masterclass NEXT WEEK.

In the meantime, what are some of your biggest fears that come up when you think about growing your business? Share them with me – I would love to help! 


P.S. One thing that REALLY helped me was laying out deadlines and timelines for team members. Snag a copy of my Clean-Up Project Plan and Timeline – it’s free.