The thing I MOST wish I had done differently while building my virtual bookkeeping firm?

The answer surprises a lot of people, but it’s simple: I wish I was confident enough to ask for help when I needed it.

And I mean asking for help from anyone anywhere:

👋 Asking your employees to take on more day-to-day tasks

👋 Asking your network about a technical question you’re not sure about

👋 Asking accountants for referrals

👋 Reaching out to mom friends when you find yourself in a pinch with the kiddos (hello sports transportation!) 

As lady leaders, sometimes we think we need to know all the answers and do everything ourselves. And you know what? Sometimes we DO have the answers, and we CAN juggle an enormous amount of tasks on our plates. 

But other times, it’s absolutely worth reaching out and raising the white flag. 

Your Energy Determines the Outcome of Your Ask

I have teenagers at home, so I know what it’s like to be around someone who thinks they know everything. 🙄😅

But admitting you don’t know something is not a sign of weakness, it’s actually a sign of strength and self-awareness. When you have humility and approach someone humbly asking for their help, it’s amazing just how willing people are to share their insights or spare a few minutes to help out.

But the biggest thing here is the energy YOU bring to the table. When you leave your ego at the door, people are more inclined to help.

But if you’re cocky (or let’s say… acting like a teenager hehe) and can’t admit that you don’t have all the answers, you’re going to get a very different reaction from those around you.

Even if you DO know what you’re doing, always approach someone with respect and kindness when asking for their opinion or expertise.

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I feel like this is the perfect time to pause and plug our free Facebook community! This is an amazing place to ask questions and get answers from a large community of bookkeepers who are at all stages of growing their own businesses.

I’m so incredibly proud to be fostering a community of supportive, uplifting, and helpful women who enjoy being a part of each other’s success stories.

That’s it for my July series, I’ll be back next week to start fresh with something new!

Always here to help,


P.S. One time I was part of a women’s networking group, and I met a sales coach. I asked her for help with attracting more clients, ended up hiring her, and completely multiplied my sales as a result. ASKING FOR HELP WORKS, MY FRIEND!!! If you want access to all of the techniques and strategies I used to grow my business to a 7-figure firm, I’ve packaged it all up into my training system, Multiply.