Is there anything you are OBSESSED with?

I mean – like can’t-live-without, must-do, have-to-have, might even be a littleeeeeee bit compulsive about?


Me too. 

For me, that thing is learning (okay, and cooking, I’m also slightly obsessed with that too). But if self-help, self-improvement, and constant evolution were a PhD? Gurllll, I would have a doctorate by now.

And that’s not just because I like to be scholarly, it’s far more grounded than that. You see, I learned early on that staying relevant in your industry is not a choice friends, it’s a must. Maybe you’re on top of your professional game today, but if you don’t keep up, you’re gonna get left in the dust (especially if you are in accounting and bookkeeping). 

Because success (and frankly money) are important to me, I have committed to increasing my skills day after day, month after month, year after year.

And I love all the flavas of learning…..

📚Books – gimme. Especially a hardcover paired with a brand new highlighter!

🎧 Audiobook? Check. Headphones? Check. Great walk planned? *Sigh*, perfection.

✏️ Podcasts + a good word search…..OMG HEAVEN!

🤓 Reading random stuff on the internets from leaders and professionals I admire? All day, every day.

And it was one little FaceBook post this weekend that prompted me to write to you today. It came from Todd Herman (he’s rad, check him out). He said this…..

What Todd, and I am, saying here is….


Or as my Daddy would say, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

Do I love technology? Oh yeah. Do I use several apps? You bet. Have I wasted an embarrassing amount of time and money on researching, implementing and deploying tech that has utterly failed? Abso-freakin-lutely.

Unfortunately in the wild, and often crazy, world of entrepreneurship, it can be a one-up game of who has the newest gadget or app. It’s the business equivalent of Keeping Up With the Joneses, when you and I both know that Nelly the Neighbor (with the hunk-of-junk car) is quietly amassing a fortune.

Lo-fi is often low budget, and low tech, but it’s highly profitable and efficient.

If you really think of yourself as a small business owner, an entrepreneur, then put on your CFO hat NOW. Not tomorrow friend, today. 

The financial health of your business isn’t just about your top-line sales, top-notch CFOs, brilliant business leaders also keep a tight wrangle on expenses. But you know this! I bet you are giving your clients this very advice. But sales is often the first thing we think about when “we need to make more money”. 

Do I preach about the importance of task-management for bookkeepers all over the place? 

You bet – bookkeeping is, at its core, repetitive tasks, and tasks that must be done in a specific order, over and over again. But for years, in fact right up until March of 2020, I ran my entire task management system, and team using Google Sheets.

So do yourself a favor, sit down and have a meeting with your inner CFO and ask where you are leaking money. Take a real close look at your numbers and make sure every dollar you are earning has a purpose, and is working for you in your favor. Ask yourself, where can you go “lo-fo” and get “hi-fi” results. 

Got a brilliant way of doing something? Or need some advice on making your biz more efficient? Come join my Facebook group where your fellow bookkeepers share resources and tips.

Counting my pennies, 


P.S. Want to learn how to build out your company systems without another app?  I have an awesome MasterClass coming up that will help you do just that! Check out the deets here!