When I asked my students what keeps them up at night. Well… nearly HALF said sales. Uhhh that’s not good! Sales is the backbone of any successful business. No sales, no clients. No clients, no $$$ in the bank. Yeah, not on my watch. So here’s a quick breakdown of my tried-and-true sales tips for bookkeepers at any level.

Nail those first impressions

Oh technology… a blessing and a curse. The good news is, the internet makes it sooo much easier for people to find you! The bad news? The internet makes it sooo much easier for people to find you. 😐 If you’re not putting your best foot forward online, you’re leaving money on the table. Your online presence needs to reflect your brand and services. Cohesion between your website and social channels helps build brand identity, which makes a strong impression on potential clients. Take stock of everywhere you might be making a first impression online:

  • Your website
  • Online forums
  • Facebook groups
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all your socials

Anything that’s associated with you should showcase your professionalism and speak to your abilities to do great work. And don’t forget: accuracy is the name of the game. Check, check, and check again for typos on your website, blog posts, Tweets, and stories.

Know your close rate

Your close rate is the number of leads you convert into paying clients. For example: If you talk to 10 potential clients, and three of them sign on for your services, your close rate is 30%.  But what if you talk to 20 people, and none of them sign on? Your close rate is – womp womp 👎- ZERO percent.  So, tracking your close rate is critical to building your business.  If your close rate is looking like a big fat zero, it could be for one of two reasons (or a combo of both). First, your sales pitch isn’t cutting it. I know, I know. It can be sooo uncomfortable talking yourself in front of strangers. But here’s the thing: once you have an interested client on the other end of the line, what you say will determine if they work with you. Speak with confidence and know the needs of your client beforehand. Second, you might not be talking to the right people altogether. When I started marketing my business on Instagram, the number of calls coming in grew in spades. But I wasn’t landing any new actual paying clients. Why? Because (after some reflection) I realized I wasn’t putting my business in front of the right audience. If people are showing interest but you aren’t landing new business, step back and consider why that might be. Tracking your sales, who you’re talking to, and who you’re closing is super important. 

Master the sales call

Okay, so someone’s booked a consultation. 🎉 Now, it’s time to do a little recon. 🕵️‍♀️ Before you even say a word to a prospective client, you should already know:

  • What they sell
  • How big they are
  • How long they’ve been around

Understanding who you’re talking to before you even meet them is an effective way to feel more confident and ready to pitch. Also, people are flattered when you take the time to get to know them – which makes YOU look awesome. During this initial call, I also like to use my QBO assessment tool to get a better understanding of the potential scope of work – especially if this is a clean-up or retroactive job.

Embrace Referrals

Marketing is to sales like dollars is to cents – they are partners! So I’d be doing you a total disservice if I didn’t dedicate a little time to my #1 marketing tool: embracing referrals Here’s the deal – I like to say “Money is like medicine.” In our industry, people need to work with people they trust. Consider this for a moment, when people look for a doctor they usually ask for referrals from friends and family. Bookkeeping is no different. Money is personal. It’s nerve-wracking for many. When people are looking for bookkeepers, accountants, or financial planners, more often than not they ask for referrals (just like when they are looking for a new doctor).  So how do you get people to refer you? First, by doing an outstanding frickin’ job. Second, by asking. I know – I know. Asking can be uncomfortable – but not as uncomfortable as a thin bank account feels, right?

And Finally, Just Don’t Give a Damn

Yup, I’m declaring it: Reaching out to people you want to work with is totally fine! But here’s the kicker: ​​You have to be brave, and you can’t give a damn about what happens. If there’s someone you love on Instagram, why not ask them if they want a bookkeeper?   Whether you’re sliding into the DMs or sending an email, be authentic and show genuine interest. It’s 2022… cold and impersonal pitches aren’t cutting it these days. So here’s a quick tip to connecting with prospects online: Create an organic connection with someone by starting off slow. Like their posts, leave a comment here or there, try to get a two-way conversation going. Build a relationship BEFORE pitching your services. In other words… be authentic!  And don’t shy away from connecting with people or businesses you’re genuinely interested in. Love tattoos? Contact local tattoo shops! Enjoy knitting in your free time? Guess what – craft stores need bookkeepers too!