I know. I knowwwwww. I always have a crazy story, right?

And this week is no different. But it’s a good one, I promise.

Do you want to know how I ended up hiring my first employee?

I got advice from an astrologer.

Nope – I’m not kidding and I realize that this sounds absolutely bonkers but here is how that happened. I was on the superhighway leading towards a divorce, in my early 30s, two little kiddos nipping at my heels, and I really wanted needed financial freedom. 

I was aimless, mentorless, and scared as all heck but I was a darn good bookkeeper and I had an inkling I might be able to start a “real” business. A friend half jokingly said “Girl you should go see an astrologer and see wassup.” I snorted out loud but actually had already decided “YES! THAT IS WHAT I NEED!” It was an unlikely investment in my business (and certainly not a tax writeoff) but I did it anyway.

The long and short of that reading was that the astrologer told me “It’s time for you to hang out a shingle and go after the business of your dreams.” I promptly went home, googled available offices, signed a lease and gulp.gasp.sigh posted a help wanted ad on Craigslist. 

Little ol’ me. I did that! And from there? Well you know how this story ends, I grew and grew and grew my team and my practice until I sold it in early 2023 (omg!!!!! I still can’t believe that happened!). 

Now listen, I am not at all encouraging you to seek out the advice of an astrologer (unless that is your jam, then have at it).

What I am sharing is that you can conquer your fear of hiring. 

Remember – this month I am talking all about fear and how you can – as Jen Sincero says – “Feed your fear a suck-it sandwich.” 

Here is what my fear around hiring sounded like back then:

  • Who would want to work for me????? 
  • I will never be able to find someone.
  • I can’t afford to hire anyone. (this one is the WORST folks!) 
  • No one will care about my clients like I do. 
  • The job market is too tight. 
  • I don’t know how to manage or lead people. 

All of these are insurmountable problems that you can get over either by: 

A.) Gaining some specific skills (like HR and leadership skills)


B.) Shifting your mindset 

Is it easy? No. But is it easy sitting in a job you hate, or wallowing in sorrow because you’re too scared to go after “it” whatever “it” is for you?

Nope, that ain’t easy either.

Sometimes you just need someone to nudge you a little, or cheer for you, or mentor you. For me that came in the very unlikely form of an astrologer. For you it might be working with someone like me who mentors and helps bookkeepers just.like.you.

Whatever your path, I want you to know that once you crush your fears around hiring, the team of your dreams is most definitely in your future. And man oh man is your future bright. 

I see a 💫star 💫in you, 


P.S. Ready to learn the leadership skills you need to safely scale and hire? The waitlist for  Bookkeeper’s Business Incubator is open. Doors open in May and oooomergawdddd I can’t wait!