Treat Sales like a friend, not an enemy!

Everything you need to know in order to become a successful and highly profitable business owner falls into one of my 4 S’s — Sales, Systems, Service, and Skills. Wherever you are on your journey of opening and running a virtual bookkeeping business, you’ll need to master each “S.”

For this blog, I’m focusing on the very first “S:” Sales.

Sales can be totally anxiety-inducing, and I get it!! You’ve had your own run-ins with awful salespeople, and you shudder to think of yourself as acting like one of them.

So before we move on, rest assured that with me, you won’t be.

But sales is IMPORTANT, even critical, to the success of your business because sales is synonymous with finding new clients. And of course, more clients = more money in the bank.

That’s why I LOVE SALES, and I want to teach you how to love it too!!

How I Stopped Hating Sales

Yeah I’ll admit, I wasn’t always enthralled with the idea of Sales like I am today. It took a lot of time and some trial and error to figure out what worked and what kinda sucked.

But now, I’ve figured out the secret “sales” sauce that helps me avoid sounding like a used car salesman and instead create genuine connections with my ideal audience.

Now, I’m a lean, mean sales machine who focuses less on “selling ice to an Eskimo” tactics and more on helping high-paying business owners understand the value I can bring to their business.

My 3 Favorite Sales Secrets

💡 Before we get into it… If you want EVERY sales tip, trick, template, and script I’ve developed over the last two decades, you’ll find it all in Multiply: Your System to Skyrocket Sales.

Here’s a sneak peek at my three favorite ways to sell your services without actually feeling like you’re selling your services.

🤫 Sales Secret #1: First impressions are VERY important, and they can be found everywhere (on social media, your website, at book club, you name it). Wherever there’s a chance a prospective client might see you, think about what sort of message and vibe you’re putting out.

🤫 Sales Secret #2: Your success at landing a new client lies in your sales call, so think of it as a job interview. Show up as you would for an in-person interview for the very best job in the world. I am fond of saying you must follow the 3 P’s – be prompt, prepared, and polite

🤫 Sales Secret #3: Think of referrals as your firm’s new BFF. When people are looking for a new bookkeeping pro, they tend to ask their network and work with people who are recommended to them by other professionals they trust and respect.

I always say you can have the best service, systems, and skills (the other of my 4 S’s), but if you can’t bring new people into your business, you will not be able to grow successfully.

Sales is CRITICAL, but it certainly doesn’t have to be scary!!

To your success!


P.S. Here’s that link one more time to grab my complete crash course on attracting new clients to your bookkeeping biz. Check it out!