I don’t know about you, but I truly enjoy being a lifelong learner. In fact, evolution was a core value of my former bookkeeping business, and that’s because I firmly believe there’s always room to change and grow.

So whether you’re a seasoned bookkeeper or still fairly green, improving your skillset is something that everyone can (and should!) focus on regularly. 

Think of my Bookkeeper’s Business Incubator program as a how to run a virtual Bookkeeping Business 101 course. I don’t teach the basic skills or knowledge needed to be a bookkeeper. Instead, I teach experienced bookkeepers how to run a highly profitable business.

With that being said, I DO incorporate several important lessons on how to avoid common pitfalls, such as the dumpster fire known as tax time. And this is a big part of the Skills pillar within my Incubator program.

How to improve your tax time skills

Tax time was such a 🔥 topic with my inaugural class of Incubator students that I actually developed a separate Tax Time Training devoted to helping bookkeepers annihilate the stress of tax season.

Here’s the gist:

If you’re waiting until “tax season” to start thinking about 1099s, you’re already behind schedule. 😬

I say this because for YEARS, my team and I spent many 12+ hour days and sleepless nights trying to meet our deadlines… only to fall into the same trap the following year. Even after we swore we’d do better. 

Yeahhhh… I got REAL tired of it. Finally, I clawed my way off that merry-go-round and I said ENOUGH. 🙅‍♀️

I took a step back, identified my pain points, and developed year-long workflows to help eliminate stress come tax season.

And after a little trial-and-error with getting my team on board, IT FREAKIN’ WORKED.

Now, tax time is easy, breezy — because I have the workflows and systems in place to keep us accountable all year long.

Why workflows matter

My students and I spend A LOT of time in the Incubator program understanding and implementing workflows that help us hone our skills and become more efficient bookkeepers.

Why? Because the more efficient you become…

👉 The less mistakes you make so,

👉 The faster you get so,

👉 The more clients you can take on,

​​👉 And ultimately, the more money you make.

Pretty simple, huh?

Be your own rainmaker,