If we’ve been friends for a while now, you’ve probably heard me talk about my quasi-addiction to self-help. What can I say? I’m obsessed with the idea of constant evolution, so personal development is a huge passion of mine.


Back in the day (okay… way way back in the day), I began my journey of self-development by diving headfirst into therapy and working my way through a very popular (somewhat cult-ish??) self-development curriculum. While I’ve switched up my reading materials, I’ve continued that work for decades now, and it’s led me to a very clear conclusion:


Self-development is crucial to business development. 


For this month, let’s shift gears from talking about your business to talking about you. Why? Because who you are and how you approach your business stems from your mindset. 

So without further ado… *cue the rocky theme song* let’s kick off our next series, “Getting your mind right.”

Truth 💣: The more emotionally sophisticated and mature you become as a person, the better leader you become for your team.


Once I figured this out, I became practically unstoppable:

💪 I attended sales & leadership training courses.

💪 I joined mentorship programs & masterminds.

💪 I even studied a lil’ bit of Buddhist philosophy (yes, really!).


As a result, I matured and grew as a person — and that eventually led me to evolve as a business owner as well.


I learned how to not take things personally with my clients or team members when things went sideways. That in and of itself is incredibly freeing and was a huge deal for me. 


Because I was able to improve my own self-worth, I could better handle challenges like losing a client. It took me a while to understand that sometimes other people evolve as well, which means my business may no longer serve them best. I want everyone to succeed – truly – even if that means I am no longer part of their growth. 


Yet… For the longest time, I felt like every time I lost a client, it was because I was doing a bad job. It took my own self-exploration and maturing to understand that the pesky voices in my head saying I was no good weren’t real, and they definitely weren’t serving me (or my business). 


I want to end this email with a quick message from the Queen herself, Rupaul, because I don’t think anyone sums it up better than she does:

Rooting for you,



P.S. Black Friday’s coming… 👀