Mama Bird’s Profit Masterclass for Experienced Bookkepers

A Free 5-Day Masterclass for Mama Birds
with Big Bookkeeping Dreams

Learn How to “Fly” a Fun & Wildly Profitable
Bookkeeping Business, Working Part-Time Hours,
with 5 Ways to Put More Cash in the Bank

with Mama Bird Bookkeeping Expert
Justine Lackey

Mama Bird’s Profit Masterclass Replays


The 5 Toxic Client Types to Avoid & How to Make Sure You Work with More Dream Clients

A great business starts with finding great, repeat clients. They spend more and are headache-free. First, I’ll show you how to spot the bad ones and attract the great ones.


How to Manage Scope Creep & Minimize the Risk of Mistakes

Making more profit starts with defining your Scope of Work with excellent precision & preventing mistakes that could cost you the farm. This session will give you my best strategies for creating profitable client packages.


How to Produce Great Work Faster & Bill More Hours

Taking an hour to find a password or a document hurts you and costs you money. This session is going to give you a bird’s eye view of how I set up sexy systems that feather my nest and create a runway for more profit.


How to Raise Your Rates & Offer Five-Star Service

Financial trauma is so real! I used to hate talking about money and sales. After I learned what I’m going to share in this session, I raised my team’s fees to $105/hr (plus $250/hr for me!) & fell in love with landing clients.


How to Overcome the Fear of Hiring to Grow & Scale Safely

Whether you want to be super profitable solo or a big bookkeeping firm, you’re going to feel fear. I’ll share my journey (the most valuable lessons & heartbreaking errors) in hiring and growing safely & sustainably.


Bonus Session: Q+A with Justine

In this bonus session we answer your questions about Bookkeeper’s Business Incubator as well as technical questions regarding any of the material covered this week.


Bonus Session #1: Avoiding Bird Poop: How to Have Awkward Conversations with Clients when They Ask You to Do Shady Stuff


Bonus Session #2: Sticky Books: How to Get Past Tough Bookkeeping Situations When You Have No Freekin Clue What to Do (+ the scoop on clean-up projects!)


Bonus Session #3: Multiply Your Profits with a World Class Team: How to Source and Lead a Winning Team to Build Your Business and Scale

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