Develop a Seamless Onboarding Process for New Clients

Learn how to showcase your expertise and give clients a smooth (dare I say, enjoyable?) onboarding experience with this Onboarding Checklist Training Video.

Hard truth: No one wants to work with a bookkeeper who looks like she doesn’t have her sh*t together.

And as someone who has… ummm not had her sh*t together 100% of the time… there is NO JUDGEMENT here, my friend.

Buuuut, first impressions are EVERYTHING to new clients. When the relationship is still in its infancy, you have prove that you’re the real deal. Money is people’s lifeblood – they need to know they are in good hands with their bookkeeper. Having a buttoned up, polished onboarding experience sets the stage for lasting trust. 

Not to mention… the more organized and professional you are… the more $$$ you can charge for your services. High-paying clients expect a high level of service, which you are totally capable of providing! Especially when you have the processes and tools in place to operate efficiently and scale your firm effectively.

So, how do you prove to people that YOU are the person a high-paying client can trust to handle their sensitive information?

By showcasing your expertise, value, and professionalism right from the get-go.

My onboarding checklist is designed to help bookkeepers start every new client relationship off on the right foot.

But to really master the onboarding experience, you need the full picture.

And that, my friend, is why I created an entire Training Video so you can master this checklist and this key workflow.

So while your Onboarding Checklist is an awesome tool to keep on hand, you can get way, wayyyy more value out of it when someone (moi!) teaches you exactly how to use it.

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