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Mama Bird’s Profit Masterclass

A Free 5-Day Masterclass for Mama Birds
with Big Bookkeeping Dreams

May 15 – May 19, 2023 | 1-2PM EST

Learn How to “Fly” a Fun & Wildly Profitable
Bookkeeping Business, Working Part-Time Hours,
with 5 Ways to Put More Cash in the Bank

with Mama Bird Bookkeeping Expert
Justine Lackey

Mom of 3, 20+ Year Accounting Industry Pro Founder of Good Cents Management, an industry-renowned bookkeeping firm
Led a team of 12 phenomenal women with 80+ Clients • Self-Proclaimed Domestic Goddess & She-Shed Designer

You need a BIG NEST EGG, Mama!

With kiddos and clients and maybe even another full-time job, it’s a wonder you fit it all in. This masterclass is going to be fun & informative, showing you many of my best tips on how to work a little smarter, earn more money, and grow your bookkeeping business to whatever level you want, whether that’s simply hiring an assistant or having a team of 12+ like me!

“She has a way of making you feel confident + capable.”

“Justine is very helpful and taught me quite a bit in a short amount of time. Her method of teaching makes you feel like you already know what she is talking about, and she is just helping you along.”

– Renae G.

This masterclass is designed to help stressed out mama bookkeepers put more money in their pockets and more free time in their calendar, with the sales, systems, skills, and service principles that helped me build an incredibly prosperous business…

An FYI: The Profit Masterclass for Established Bookkeepers isn’t for you if you don’t have any bookkeeping experience. We won’t be teaching you basic bookkeeping. We’ll be honing your knowledge and giving you some seriously advanced business skills.


The 5 Toxic Client Types to Avoid & How to Make Sure You Work with More Dream Clients

A great business starts with finding great, repeat clients. They spend more and are headache-free. First, I’ll show you how to spot the bad ones and attract the great ones.


How to Manage Scope Creep & Minimize the Risk of Mistakes

Making more profit starts with defining your Scope of Work with excellent precision & preventing mistakes that could cost you the farm. This session will give you my best strategies for creating profitable client packages.


How to Produce Great Work Faster & Bill More Hours

Taking an hour to find a password or a document hurts you and costs you money. This session is going to give you a bird’s eye view of how I set up sexy systems that feather my nest and create a runway for more profit.


How to Raise Your Rates & Offer Five-Star Service

Financial trauma is so real! I used to hate talking about money and sales. After I learned what I’m going to share in this session, I raised my team’s fees to $105/hr (plus $250/hr for me!) & fell in love with landing clients.


How to Overcome the Fear of Hiring & Growth to Scale Safely

Whether you want to be super profitable solo or a big bookkeeping firm, you’re going to feel fear. I’ll share my journey (the most valuable lessons & heartbreaking errors) in hiring and growing safely & sustainably.

“Justine always has a solution + great ideas!”

“Justine is so easy to work with and always has a solution and great ideas!
I really appreciate everything about her – she’s a pleasure to work with!”

– Marian R.

Meet Mama Bird
Justine Lackey

Bookkeeping Business Expert + Mom of 3

Justine Lackey served her artist and entrepreneur clients for nearly two decades with the firm she founded, Good Cents Management. She grew the business to 100+ clients and a team of 12 before she sold the company in early 2023 (ka-ching!).  During her tenure as a leader, she provided bookkeeping services for elite stylists, artists, and business owners from New York’s garment district to LA’s beaches, all while juggling being a free-range mom of 3.

As the Founder of The Bookkeepers Business Incubator, Justine now teaches experienced bookkeepers (who also happen to be moms!) how to grow and scale their bookkeeping businesses from their homes while juggling families, kids, and the challenges of just being a woman!

Justine has been featured for her expertise on Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, in Women’s Day Magazine, and interviewed by The Successful Bookkeeper, The How of Business, and Heart + Hustle podcasts. She’s also been featured in two books: Edupunks by Anya Kamenetz and The Big Enough Company: Creating a Business That Works for You by Adelade Lancaster and Amy Abrams. Justine ran her bookkeeping empire from her backyard, chandelier-clad She-Shed while watching her chickens graze the yard.

Important Note from Justine:

You don’t have to be a CPA, a beauty queen, or a rocket scientist to have a fun & wildly profitable bookkeeping business.

You just have to care about doing great work and learn the foundational principles of running a solid business. Come learn with me! You can hang out in my nest until you’re ready to fly! I’ve got 20+ years of experience and I’m sharing it all with you.

Birds of a feather flock together, Mama Bird!

Are you ready to fly the coop and build the nest egg that is rightfully yours? Join us for this free, special 5-day event.

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